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DIGITAL CORRECTIONS: If changes are made to a story after it has been posted, the change will be noted at the beginning of the story along with the date and time the change was made. In addition, a box with all corrections made will be posted under the “About Us” menu.

a. All articles, graphics, photos, art, columns, pages, reviews, and other material creatively conceived—with exception of staff editorials, mug shots and cut-outs—will be bylined with the producer’s name.
b. All bylined writers will be held accountable for their work.
c. When more than one person has contributed creatively to a piece of work, any person who has contributed to the work must be bylined as a producer.

ONLINE COMMENTS: We encourage readers to voice their opinions respectfully in regards to both the readers and writers of the publication. Comments will be pre-moderated, and may be removed if deemed to be in violation of this policy.

Comments should remain on topic, concerning the article they are about. Brevity is encouraged. Posting under a pseudonym is not permitted.
A comment will be deleted if:

  • The comment attacks a named or identified person or group unreasonably;
  • The comment makes readers unreasonably uncomfortable on the basis of one?s race, gender, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation or otherwise.
  • The comment attacks personally any school employee.
  • The comment contains excessive obscenities or sexual explicitness.
  • It is determined that the comment is made under a false name or uses another person’s name or e-mail address.
  • The comment threatens or encourages violence.
  • The comment encourages illegal behavior.
  • The comment violates copyright or privacy protections.
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