BOE Approves $5 Million Renovation
BOE Approves $5 Million Renovation

BOE Approves $5 Million Renovation

Antioch Community High School is in phase one of renovating and improving the quality of the cafeteria.

Antioch Community High School was established over 100 years ago in 1915. Since the initial building was constructed, there have been various changes to the interior and exterior of the building. As time passes interior design quickly becomes dated. ACHS Principal Michael Berrie announced that a cafeteria renovation has been approved upon other district capital projects. The cafeteria renovation is projected to be completed and ready for the upcoming 2024-25 school year, and is part of a five-year capital project estimated at more than $5 million. 

The goal of this renovation is to alter the environment to a newer and more versatile area for students and staff to enjoy.

“I think it would allow for everybody to kind of eat in the same spot, “Berrie said. ” But then, have an opportunity for people like groups and clubs and homework Hangouts to meet or to or even have concerts in there [choral concerts].”

The architectural plan for the future cafeteria is to expand it into the courtyard along with making it more accessible by adding charging areas, high-top tables and different styles of chairs. With these changes being made, more students will be able to fit into this area and help with the congestion within our current smaller cafeteria and other areas of the school.

The plan for the current renovation has made students like senior Emma Sorenson give their input on further improvements to make to the school in the future. 

”The next renovation should be the ILC in the sense of it being more modern and space-effective. It is kind of the same idea as the cafeteria; various uses and can hold a large amount of people,” Sorenson said. 

Gaining student input on renovations helps give a clearer idea of what the school should improve upon. ACHS is planning on continuing more renovations to provide a fresh and new environment to help excite students and staff. Look out for the start of the cafeteria renovation as it is scheduled to begin in April 2024.

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