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Debating the world: Model UN

Model UN, a school extracurricular centered around debate on world issues; but what is there to even debate?
Kosta Sakas
Antioch Community High School at MUNUC.

The Model UN at the University of Chicago conference took place from Feb 8, to Feb 11, 2024, and for the students involved in Antioch Community High School’s Model UN Club, the experience was something to remember. MUNUC was a four day affair spent on discussing one topic per council, or meeting and the ACHS students were flung into a debate.

The extracurricular is a model version of the real United Nations, with the students responsible for most of its argumentation. The students are ‘delegates’ for various countries, meaning they represent the country and their values in council. Before each council, topics are decided by the Chairman, the one in charge of making sure the debate runs smoothly. The delegates have ample time to research the topic and form their opinion. This takes the place of a ‘position paper,’ a paper explaining their country’s beliefs on the topic and possible ideas for a resolution. 

Senior Kosta Sakas representing the U.S.

During council, students take attendance and debate begins. The first debate is typically over which topic will be discussed; this can change with each council and country. If one topic is more important to one country than another, then they will debate it. These debates take place in two forms; a moderated or an unmoderated caucus. A moderated caucus is similar to a local city council meeting; delegates take turns going up to a microphone and voicing their opinion, usually in a one-two minute time slot. An unmoderated caucus is more like when the teacher gives work time during class; delegates have the opportunity to talk with other countries and figure out solutions together.

As the council goes on, delegates propose their solutions to each other. More countries start working together to compile their solutions and make sure everyone has a voice. Eventually, all delegates make a democratic voting decision as to which solution will be passed. 

Model UN is about putting students in the position of foreign affair scenarios. Even for those that do not have a future in politics, Model UN is a fun activity that ACHS offers, led by ACHS teacher Meghan McDonnell and hosts meetings in room 218 every Monday.  For students wanting to get into a career of politics or helping the world, Model UN is the place to get started.

ACHS Model UN.

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Kosta Sakas
Kosta Sakas, Tom Tom Staff
Kosta Sakas is a senior and this is his second year on staff. He is Drum Major of the Marching Sequoits, a part of Orpheus Greek Dance Troupe and can frequently be found eating breakfast bars while listening to Childish Gambino.
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