What should the Chicago Bears do with the first overall pick?

The Chicago Bears have decisions to make regarding the future.

Having the first overall pick in the National Football League (NFL) is bittersweet for any fan base and organization. For the 2023 season, the Chicago Bears will be in possession of the first pick and will have some decisions to make with it. The first pick is awarded to the worst team in the league based on record. The Bears had a 3-14 record earned them the pick. This pick holds value because the Bears could use it to draft whoever they want out of college or they can trade it for more picks and players.

Photo by Perry Knotts/AP (@PerryKnotts on Instagram)

The first-overall pick has only been traded four times in history and I think the bears should make it a 5th. Many draft boards have University of Alabama quarterback Bryce Young as the clear-cut first overall pick, but with 2021 11 overall pick Justin Fields seeming promising after his second season, the Bears are not in need of a quarterback. Bryce Young is such a high-value player that the Bears could trade back to a later first-round pick and pick up a player in an area they need help in.

The Bears could use help in many areas especially defense according to ESPN.com the Chicago Bears were ranked 29th in overall defense for the 2022 season so players like Alabama’s Will Anderson and Georgia’s Jalen Carter would help solidify the defensive line and linebackers. The Bears’ offense is no better with ESPN.com ranking them 28 in the league. The 2023 draft class has a few good receivers in Texas Christian University’s Quentin Johnston, University of Southern California’s Jordan Addison, and Ohio State’s Jaxon Smith- Njigba. Many fans and analysts think the Bears should trade the pick including Bears fan and senior Nick Olson.

“ Bryce Young [is] likely to be first off the board and the Bears [shouldn’t pick him] and I think teams would give a haul,” Olson said.

The Franchise front office has essentially ruled out drafting a quarterback and has ruled out keeping the pick and drafting another skill position. Another Bears fan, senior Quade Moll, also imagines that the first-round pick is valuable to the Bears not for the selection, but for what they could get in return.

“I think the Bears should trade down and get as many assets as possible,” Moll said.

It is a common consensus that the Bears should trade away the pick for more value as discussed by many analysts and fans. Unless something drastically changes with the confidence in Justin Fields or a new draft prospect wows analysts, the Bears should try to get as much beneficial value as possible.