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Senior Send-Off: Grace Semple

As an early graduate, Grace Semple shares her story at Antioch Community High School as this four-year chapter closes.
Tom Tom Staff
Early graduate, Grace Semple’s 2022 staff picture.

The last four years of high school have been a great learning experience for me. While I have appreciated my time at Antioch, I am excited to be moving on, and I look forward to the next big chapter of my life. 

After high school, I plan to attend CLC, and in the fall of 2023, I will transfer to a four-year university. Being an early grad has allowed me, personally, to get a head start on what I am truly passionate about.

Although there are many staff members and teachers at the school that have allowed me to grow, learn and be my best self, I appreciate Sobes, Mrs. Peck and Mrs. Edwardson, especially for helping me get through high school. It is a busy time in students’ lives, and they’ve taught me so much by being there and a friend with everyone.

Everyone’s journey is different, and graduating early is not everyone’s life path, but I believe it is mine. During my junior and senior year, I felt that I had outgrown my environment and was ready to have a fresh start. My junior year is truly what has pushed me to want to get started on my new beginning.

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My venture through high school allowed me to learn more about myself and grow. From freshman year to lockdown and then back to a “normal” school year, I have become an entirely different person from who I used to be. But, I am forever grateful for my experience as a student at Antioch. 

There are several experiences that I have learned over the last four years; one of those things is to truly not worry about what others think of you. As corny as it sounds, it is extremely true. It is also easier said than done, but if I worried about what other people thought of me, I would not be the person I am today, and all I would be trying to do is impress others. Doing what makes me happy and doing what benefits me is what has made the aspects of my life much easier. 

I could go on and on talking about what I did and learned in the last four years, but high school is a long time, and I have grown during this time. But, I feel it is best to share the most important thing I realized during this time. 

Putting yourself first is challenging, yet it is a key component in my life. Everything is temporary, and it is important to realize that everything is happening for you and not to you. You will lose friends and get a grade they do not want, but that taught me that it does not matter as much as people think. People can learn from every single thing that they may go through. If I never tried to understand the mindset that everything happens for a reason, I would be overly stressed about school, work and life alone. 

Overall, the last four years have taught me more about myself than at any other time in my life so far. I am thankful for my time at Antioch, but I am excited and ready to start something new. 

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Grace Semple
Grace Semple, Tom Tom Staff
Grace Semple is a senior and this is her fourth year on staff. She is going to be an early graduate so she can get a head start on her career. In her free time, Semple enjoys going to Chicago, being outside and spending time with her friends and family.

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