ONE|SEQUOIT: Taylor Travers

Throughout Taylor Travers’ six years at Antioch Community High School, she has paved the way for many students’ futures with consistency and useful guidance.


Elle Ipsen

Taylor Travers is one of many exceptional ACHS counselor’s. She prides herself in being a form of support for her students.

As one of the counselors at Antioch Community High School, Taylor Travers has an integral role to play in students’ lives; she gives a helpful insight to their futures and establishes a comfortable setting for student’s to talk. Although Travers has only had her counseling job for six years, she has made a serious impact on coworkers and students throughout the school.

ACHS counselor and Travers’ mentor, Kelly Lindgeren, describes Travers as a natural. From the first day she reported to the job Lindgeren could see that counseling seemed like it came naturally to Travers.

With Travers never having a counseling job prior to ACHS, she had many things to learn in order to become a candidate for the position. Travers had just gotten out of grad school and landed an internship at Buffalo Grove High School, she was ready for the next big step in her journey. Lindgeren was a member of the interview committee. 

“[Travers] had a really good interview and told a really funny story about a misunderstanding that had happened during her internship,” Lindgeren said. “She seemed so down to earth and easy to work with.”

The impact that she makes on students is huge, Travers is able to talk to everyone, and ensures that every student feels comfortable and heard. 

Senior Dylan Kramer enjoys having Travers as his counselor. Since Kramer was able to talk to Travers through the computer during covid, he knew she was a reliable person. He had never really met Travers in person until Junior year. 

“Everytime I go see her we just joke around and we always have a good time,” Kramer said. “She is so easy to talk to, it makes it really easy to have a positive relationship with her.”

Kramer and Lindgeren also have seen the immense growth Travers has made in her counseling position. They really appreciate all Travers has done for them and the school so far. They know Travers is a natural leader, and will excel in years to come.