One Sequoit: Nancy Corey

Having been in District 117 for 23 years, Nancy Corey has left quite the mark upon those she has worked with; with her retirement from being the executive assistant to the principal this winter, her legacy is enforced within the walls of Antioch Community High School.
One Sequoit: Nancy Corey

Each morning, Nancy Corey arrives at her desk in the Antioch Community High School main office, sitting down to work consisting of what substitute positions are to be filled, registering information for teachers going on professional development and filing observation reports; she also manages responsibilities like the electric sign in front of ACHS. She works closely with other school staff members, a resource for those who enter her workspace. Corey is constantly busy helping others, answering questions and offering support. 

Beginning her District 117 career in 2000, Nancy Corey started as a secretary in Student Services at ACHS, then moving to Lakes Community High School for several years before returning to ACHS and fulfilling her current role as assistant to the principal. With this, she will retire from her position after more than 20 years in the district. 

Corey has learned plenty about the job and herself throughout her time at both schools. She has accumulated knowledge of her occupation and who she has become through her employment, personally remarking on her own growth and her appreciation of those around her. 

“I think I’m more confident than I thought I would be in what I do,” Corey said. “I think people know that they can come to me for anything. You have people that count on you, and I count on them.”

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For Corey, it is the people around her that have made her job what it is. She interacts with so many people and has forged relationships that contribute to her career, those she has worked with making a resounding impact on her experience.

“You can take a lot on and still do a good job and know that you have good people that are surrounding you, that will help you,” Corey said. “We have some good times and we laugh a lot, too.”

According to her coworkers, it is Corey’s character that has made her such an integral part of ACHS. Principal Michael Berrie works rather closely with Corey and from his first day has seen her personality reflected in her duties. 

“People love to be around Mrs. Corey [because] she is always in a good mood and makes everybody feel better,”  Berrie said. “She truly wants to help others, it’s easy for everybody here to see that.”

Assistant principal Jaclyn Orlov also has a significant working relationship with Corey. Orlov says that Corey is not only a great employee, but also a tremendous resource.

“In the [time] she has worked in the district, she has worn many hats and helped so many of our staff and students,” Orlov said. “She is a wealth of information with her historical and relevant knowledge and she is a great team player and partner in the day-to-day happenings at ACHS.” 

Corey has found that events both in and out of ACHS have molded who she is. A mother, grandmother and wife, as well as the executive assistant to the principal, she has balanced a plethora of things that have shaped her as a person. 

“There are the big events like losing my husband, my boys going off to college and then them having families,” Corey said. “And having a [school] crew like this.”

“[Corey] puts her heart into everything she does and people feel that heart when they are on the receiving end of her job tasks,” Orlov said. “It makes Mrs. Corey’s work feel extra special, since she genuinely cares about the people at ACHS.”

Corey now has a great amount of free time and is excited to unwind in retirement. She does not have any extreme plans, but Corey is enthusiastic about the newfound time on her hands.

“Since it’s winter, I’m just going to relax for a while and go on some winter trips and enjoy my grandkids,” Corey said. 

A dedicated Sequoit is making her departure from ACHS and in her wake she leaves both lasting memories and an impression. Corey remarked on the culmination of her time at ACHS.

“I’m sad to leave great people, but I know everyone will be great,” Corey said. “It’s been an amazing journey with the district and with the high school.”

While she is looking forward to retirement, Corey is sad to leave the group of people that she loves to work with so much. In committing to the district, Corey constructed a sense of community in the main office. She has worked with various principals and several people pass through her workspace each day. Orlov, among so many others, will miss her immensely.

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