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What it is like being a hairstylist

The day to day life of a hair stylist is never the same, with different tasks and seeing new clients each day.
Annie Maciejewski
Katlynn Cowart and Joanna Terrazas share there experience as hairstylist. Photo from Canva.

A day in the life of a hairstylist usually consists of getting to work around 8 a.m., setting up their stations and making preparations for their first client. When it comes to sticking with a routine for work, that is not the case for many hairstylists, such as Katlynn Cowart. Cowart is a licensed hairstylist at Salt Salon and Spa in Antioch, she has been working for seven years. She often comes in before opening for certain clients or stays after hours to help those who can not make it during the normal hours of the salon.

“The reason why I’m here [at Salt Salon and Spa] a little bit later is to allow some of my clients who have kids or who worked during the day to have their babysitter come or get off work,” Cowart said.

Stylists never have a consistent day-to-day life at their job. Joanna Terrazas is a licensed hairstylist at Salt Salon and Spa and has been working there ever since it gained new ownership nine years ago. For Terrazas, she tends to have a preferred or favorite service that she provides.

“My favorite services are updos and hairstyles,” Terrazas said. “Now they are not as big of a deal anymore but whenever I do get them I enjoy it.”

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Cowart enjoys completely different services than Terrazas. Most hair stylists specialize in a wide variety of services and all prefer different styles. For example, Cowart enjoys completely different services than Terrazas.

“I like balayage, it’s one of those services where you can really create something different for everybody,” Cowart said. “I like how it’s more in the clients’ ballpark of what they want rather than just me doing what I do every single day.”

There are so many different services when it comes to hair, the possibilities are endless. Someone may go from just a haircut to dying their hair a hot pink or even getting a perm.

When it comes to clients, not everything is going to be positive on the job. Both Terrazas and Cowart can agree that the most difficult thing about the job is some of the clients. Many can be hard to please and/or have unrealistic expectations when it comes to just a single appointment.

“It makes it difficult sometimes the unrealistic expectations that social media gives,” Cowart said. “A lot of the time it is filters, it is hair pieces, it is multiple sessions that as a client, you just see behind the chair.”

When one goes into a salon, there is only so much that the hairstylist can do with their hair. Going from a dark brown to a platinum blonde is not going to be done in one appointment, it often takes more than three to get there.
Getting to know clients and seeing their growth along the way is what makes this job worth it for hairstylists like Terrazas and Cowart. Seeing one of their clients walk in not feeling the best about themselves to them walking out feeling better about themselves. Overall the career of a hairstylist is a unique and creative job, not meant for everyone.

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Annie Maciejewski, Tom Tom Staff
Annie Maciejewski is a senior and this is her second year on staff. She enjoys running, weight lifting and drinking Poppi. Annie is graduating early to get a headstart on her career.
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