A Crazy Evolution

Throughout the years, the Sequoit superfans have seen lots of change in celebration.


The Cardinal Crazies are the purest example of what it is like to have Sequoit spirit. They are the students who inspire others to get involved in school activities in a fun and exciting way. The Crazies organize multiple events and traditions for students to enjoy such as pep rallies, tailgates, themes and chants. These students not only affect the players and other students, but also contribute to the overall community atmosphere of Antioch.

“I think the organization, especially spirit wear and tailgates, has been really instrumental in making sure that kids are able to have a lot of spirit and support for their team, school and community appropriately,” English teacher and former Cardinal Crazies co-sponsor Kelly Taylor said. “It’s really made a difference in the Antioch culture.”

Taylor has watched the Cardinal Crazies evolve into the organization it is today.

But how did the Cardinal Crazies come to be? It is a question that not many students can answer.

Antioch Community High School class of 2010 graduate Blake Reed, and a group of his friends decided to form the Cardinal Crazies in 2008. The reason behind their decision shows true Sequoit spirit.

“It started because none of us played football,” Reed said. “But we loved sports, so we wanted to be more involved.”

Reed would come up with themes and post flyers throughout the school to inform students what to wear each Friday. He also contacted his friends and they would host tailgates together before the games.

Previously, the Cardinal Crazies had no formal leader or organization. In 2013, former Antioch Community High School principal and current assistant superintendent Bradford Hubbard made the decision to meet with the Crazies and establish a more organized system, which included appointing a faculty member to run point on school spirit.

“Our hope was to help get more support for our teams,” Hubbard said. “But also ensure that the group was truly respectful, responsible, and proud in its representing of ACHS.”

One year later, media teacher, current school spirit coordinator, and sponsor to the Crazies, Patrick Johnson formed the Cardinal Crazies leadership team. Since then, the Crazies have been more organized than ever before. Their access to social media has helped expand the organization greatly. The Crazies leaders share the themes and communicate with all student Crazies through social media. They are able to reach out to more people which leads to more participation and fun for everybody.

The original Crazies were students that started a legacy. Ten years later, students continue to participate in the Cardinal Crazy tradition. Current Cardinal Crazy leader, Robert Christiansen, continues to keep this tradition alive.

“I hope that the Crazies continue to be leaders of school spirit and they will continue to run as a group that’s passionate about cheering on the Sequoits,” Christiansen said. “Without the Cardinal Crazies there definitely would be less involvement in school pride and spirit.”

Thanks to the staff and students involved in the making of the Cardinal Crazies, everyone can experience the Sequoit spirit no matter what activities they do.