2021 Instrumental Fall Concert

Antioch Community High School performed their first band concert since the beginning of the pandemic, showing off the school’s best musicians in the Instrumental Fall Concert conducted by Michael Riggs and Jonathan Untch.


Ashley Lubkeman

Orchestra Director Michael Riggs soaks in the applause as ACHS welcomes back band concerts

On Oct. 19, 2021, ACHS had its first live music performance in almost two years. The night began with seven pieces orchestrated by ACHS Director of Orchestra Michael Riggs. The combined strings executed “Wired” and “Adagio Cantabile” by Lauren Bernofsky and Beethoven, respectively. The stage then transitioned to seat the Concert Orchestra to play the next three compositions. “Ai Hai Yo” and “Loch Lomond” were two folk pieces that contrasted traditional Chinese and Scottish orchestra music with the sounds of violins, cellos, a viola and a bass. 

Riggs ended his conduction with the Symphony Orchestra playing “Celebration” and “Millennium.” Sophomore Linnea Lindstrom enjoyed her first band concert with ACHS.

“I think [the concert] was really good. It was nice to be back and in the environment,” Lindstrom said.

“Millennium” was an especially important piece as it was one of the first orchestra compositions performed at ACHS. It was very brass-heavy and featured elements some viewers might recognize from Star Wars. Both pieces required the collision of violins, violas, cellos, basses, flutes, oboes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, a trombone, a baritone, a tuba and percussion instruments.

The history behind “Millenium” may have contributed to the love for the piece. Senior Arianna Guerra described it as being her favorite composition as one of her first performances in the return of concerts.

“I just really liked the energy with it,” Guerra said. “We had a performance last year in April, but it was in the gym instead of the auditorium so it was different.”

Junior Caitlyn Osborne agreed with Guerra. 

“My favorite piece to perform was Millenium,” Osborne said. “I liked the way it sounded and playing the notes on my instrument, the oboe.”

Following a brief intermission, Director of Bands Jonathan Untch switched roles with Riggs to conduct five pieces that would end the night. The first two, “Dark Shadows” and “Spirit of Kilkenny,” were performed by the Concert Band as pieces containing various crescendos and diminuendos, keeping the audience entertained. 

The stage transformed a final time to seat the Combined Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble to perform the final three pieces. “Kickstart” and “A Childhood Remembered” featured some of the many solos of the night and prepared the audience for the closing performance. “Ignition,” chosen by Untch, was the conclusion meant to remind the audience of the ACHS mission statement to ignite passion and discovery in every student.

The fall concert concluded by recognizing Alyssa Ulmer as the only ACHS student to be accepted to the Illinois Music Education Association District VII Honors along with several other announcements. The Antioch Performing Arts Boosters will be hosting their Holiday Gala on Dec. 3 and the District Holiday Art and Music Festival at the CHSD field house will be presented on Dec. 11.