30-60-90s Rock Summer in Winter Week

Sequoit teachers’ band helped kick start the morning during annual winter spirit week celebration.

Jason Wood

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May 11, 2018

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Antioch teacher-formed band, the 30-60-90s, strummed their way into the commons to celebrate Summer in Winter Week. The 30-60-90s are comprised of math teachers Arnold Glapajone, Andrew Benton and Christopher Stanich, joined occasionally by band teacher Jonathan Untch and junior Booker Grass.

Students have said they greatly appreciated the time commitment the teachers made to brighten up the commons and the kids morning.

“I think they’re really good,” sophomore Taylor Feltner said. “It started my day off on a positive note.”

The band plays a mixture of songs. From the pop hits of Miley Cyrus’s “Party In The USA” to the deep bass of Coldplay’s “Adventure Of A Lifetime”.

Feltner had no complaints about the 30-60-90’s music choice.

“I wish they would [play] more,” she said. “I feel like everyone is in a really good mood when they do.”