9 Reasons Why Crocs are Great: A Twitter Response

We said Crocs should stay in the closet; members of #Crocnation felt differently.


On Friday, Oct. 3, the Tom Tom published an article about the “10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear Crocs.” Shortly after, senior Collin Prather tweeted a quick snapshot of his Crocs with the caption, “try stopping me.”

We didn’t.

Instead, we challenged Prather to write us a response to the article about why Crocs are great. He didn’t have to do this alone because the shoe’s namesake company, Crocs, decided to join him in generating the nine reasons. And here they go:

9. Everyone will be jealous.

8. You can break the cliche socks and sandals with socks and Crocs.

7. You can wear the strap up like sandals, or the strap down like shoes.

6. Variety of colors for enhanced self-expression.

5. Incredibly stylish.

4. If it’s raining, you’re not stuck with squishy, wet shoes.

3. The holes offer breathability.

2. You can get cool jibbitz.

1. Crocs feel like walking on clouds & rainbows & happiness.