A Tough Loss for the Sequoits

Grayslake North Knights pulls out a 5-2 win against the Antioch Sequoits.


Karley Rogalski

Junior Piper Foote prepares to serve to the opposing team.

On Thursday, September 28, the Antioch girls varsity tennis team faced the Grayslake North Knights, hoping to add another win to their record.

The team started out strong with senior Kelsey Neville, who has just returned from a week hiatus, sweeping both of her sets against the Knights, giving the Sequoits their first win. Following this, the Antioch number one doubles team, consisting of senior Gabby Palm and senior Heather McNaughton, also put up a strong win for the Sequoits. They won their match while only letting the Knights take four of the 16 sets played. However, after yesterday’s match, there are still some things that the team realized that they need to work on.

“Consistence is definitely something I need to work on because if I could constantly place hard shots away from my opponent, my partner and I would have a better chance at winning most of the matches,” junior Piper Foote said.

Unfortunately, the rest of the team could not pull out a win in their respective matches, leading the them to a 5-2 defeat against the Grayslake North Knights.

However, the team will keep their heads high as they move forward into their next contest on Saturday, September 30 for the Warren Quad at Warren Township High School.