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Mathematics Teacher Michael McDermott finds chromebooks have been beneficial in his class. He uses Google classroom to post assignments and practice pages for his students.

ACHS Excels With Technology

Students, faculty claim that access to technology has made the school year go smoother and confusion-free.

By giving Chromebooks to all Sequoits, Community High School District 117 has ensured student’s success and excellence. This technology provides accessibility to those who rely on it. 

“What [the Department of Education] found was that students who learn in a blended setting performed better than students who had just traditional, in person instruction, with no technology,” District 117 education technology specialist Kyle Bush said. “The research says that technology helps most students learn more efficiently.”

The results of the study are similar to the Sequoits’ opinions as well. 80 percent of students surveyed about technology claim that the use of Chromebooks has improved their year so far.

“The year has been easier being able to keep all of my assignments in one place,” freshman Ashton Swanson said. “And not needing to lug around extra materials has been a huge help to my productivity.”

Swanson, an alumna of Grass Lake School, feels that the implementation of Chromebooks creates a clear understanding between student and teacher, something which often caused confusion in middle school. The benefits of technology use goes beyond the walls of the school as well. Math teacher Michael McDermott sees it benefit homebound, homeschooled, hospitalized or suspended students.

“With technology, those kinds of kids would be able to learn if there’s a course or class that allows them to on the chromebook,” McDermott said.

Bush agrees that the access to Chromebooks from home increases the educational experience, leveling the playing field for all kids.

“Having these devices at home, I think the goal is to make your lives a little bit easier,” Bush said. “Students then can connect from their home, and they can find all those resources they need online. So having technology in your hands, for some students who don’t have a computer at home, it’s a huge benefit.”

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