Adopting a pet allows for animals to be out of a shelter and welcomed into a new home. (Valerie Rosek)
Adopting a pet allows for animals to be out of a shelter and welcomed into a new home.

Valerie Rosek

Adopting to Save a Life

Although adopting a pet may not change the world, it has the possibility to change that animal’s world for the better.

November 19, 2019

Considering adding a new addition to the family may be a hard decision to tackle. Many people may feel a certain breed will best fit their family; however, these people may not be aware of the benefits that no-kill adoption centers and animal shelters have to offer. Many adoption centers, such as Save-A-Pet, focus on finding forever homes for cats and dogs in need.

“We are very unique in that we are a true and pure no-kill adoption center,” Save-A-Pets Animal Welfare and Operations Manager Sally Hubbard said. “Some organizations can claim they are no-kill as long as they have live release of at least 80 percent of the pets they take in.“

Save-A-Pet adoption center first opened in 1972, staying true to their “no-kill adoption center” policy ever since, unlike many adoption centers that claim they are no-kill when in reality they are not. Junior Gloria Lobodzinski and her family have adopted dogs into their family from Save-A-Pet.

“They do want to save as many animals as possible, but they also want to make sure that all of them are going to a good home,” Lobodzinski said.

Save-A-Pet takes pride in knowing that each individual animal deserves the chance for a good family. As a pet adopter, Lododzinski and her family found joy in bringing a new soul into their home as Lobodzinski’s dog had rough past experiences. Her and her family brought a new meaning of “home” to their newest family member.

“Bringing them a new life and bringing them a new happiness is really nice and really joyful,” Lobodzinski said. “There are so many dogs in the world that are in terrible conditions, in kill shelters, or in places that aren’t safe for dogs.”

Along with the adoption process, pet ownership is deemed very important by Save-A-Pet and many other adoption centers. The background of a new family can be detrimental to the new pet.

“We go to all lengths, no matter the cost, to treat each animal as an individual and give them the very best chance for a good and happy life,” Hubbard said. “Every animal’s needs are different and we recognize that.”

The adopting experience brought Lobodzinski and her family together when they found out their new pet had puppies on the way.

“Raising puppies and helping a dog out as well that was definitely at a low point was really nice and heartwarming,” Lobodzinski said.

Many adoption centers provide a wide range of animals that are of any age, breed or size. No matter what, a pet addition to a family has the ability to introduce a perfect companion.

“I would say adopting a dog definitely can create a whole new personality and can bring a different type of style into your house,” senior Eric Tanner said.

Family means not only growing with kids, but also with the warmth and happiness that pets can bring to a family.

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