Albinos Last Dance
Albinos Last Dance
Hannah Barczak

Albinos Last Dance

Senior Edgar Albino takes on his last high school wrestling season with one goal in mind, to win state. 

Wrestling, one of the most mentally and physically anguishing sports, is not just a hobby. It is not a popular sport you see on television–as there is no national audience for the “wrestling SuperBowl” or the “wrestling World Series.” It is not common for kids to grow up following their favorite city’s team of wrestlers. However, maybe it should be. For those who participate, wrestling is a culture; and on top of that, a way of life. Senior Edgar Albino is a strong depiction of what a determined and strong wrestler should look like. 

For Albino, wrestling is a sport and a lifestyle. Whether it is long practices, off-season training or strict diets to gain weight, Albino is 100% focused. For his entire high school career, Albino has shown drive and success that many never accomplish. Each year of high school, Albino has competed his way to the IHSA state tournament. Over the past three years, he has achieved what most never will–but he is not done yet and has an even bigger goal in mind. This year Albino’s goal is to win first place at the IHSA state tournament and to be reigned champion. 

“Winning state would be such a big deal for me because it’s been a goal since I was nine years old,” Albino said. “I’ve lost in the semifinals every year since I was a freshman.” 

Head coach of the Antioch Community High School wrestling team, Willbur Borerro, believes that Albino is a very strong athlete who holds many aspects that most do not. Such as his ability to be easy to coach and his willingness to work hard. Borerro agrees that any coach would be lucky to have Albino as an athlete since he never gives up and keeps his grades high, which is important in any sport and to any coach. Albino’s strong sportsmanship does not go unnoticed by his peers and coaches; Borerro puts an immense amount of trust in him to be a leader and to help guide his teammates as well. 

“I put a lot of responsibility on him as far as leadership and making sure things are done appropriately,” Borerro said.

A large hardship to overcome in any sport, not just wrestling, is mental blocks. Only certain athletes have the perseverance and ability to face fears and break the barriers of mental blocks. 

“He has difficulty making himself believe that he is that good,” Borerro said. “He questions himself a lot.” 

Albino is the team captain of the wrestling program. He has always led by example and has been a role model for younger wrestlers in the program. This year he has stepped up and embraced his ability to lead with his voice in addition to his actions. He wants to inspire others just as some previous captains have done for him. 

Teammate of Albino, Alex Bustamante, acknowledges the mental effort he puts in.

“He’s a lot more focused, I would say the amount of work he has been putting in, in wrestling season and outside of school has been tremendous,” Bustamante said. “With multiple workouts in a day, he is probably one of the most hardworking people in the entire wrestling program.” 

A massive part of wrestling is that people do not often think about the work that athletes have to put in outside of practice. Wrestlers constantly have to follow a specific diet to ensure their caloric intake helps them be as strong as possible and the best athlete they can be while staying under a certain weight.

“It sucks. You got to watch other people eat at lunch. You got to lower your portions and always be eating clean like lots of vegetables and filling foods,” Albino said.

Though Albino is starting his final high school season and is focused on his individual goals, this 

does not stop him from thinking about the bigger picture. Albino always thinks of the team first and he wants to lead his team to state this year.

To become the wrestler that Albino is, a lot of skill is required. No person just gets that lucky; it takes an athlete’s whole life to be constantly dedicated to achieve their goals. Albino’s dad was a wrestler when he was younger and got him wrestling as soon as he could. Albino also says that his dad has been his role model his whole life, he looks up to him and wants to get to his level someday. 

“My dad was a two-time placer in high school and was coached by my current coach, Coach Borerro,” Albino said.  “My dad, he brought me down to the mats and started wrestling with me when I was like three, four years old.”

As Albino finishes his last high school season, thoughts of the future come to mind. Albino said he would like to go to college for wrestling, preferably staying close to home. He says his first choice would be Wabash College in Indiana. Stay updated on Albino’s season by attending the team’s matches as they continue to compete their way toward the IHSA state competition in February. 

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