Antioch Boys Varsity Soccer Ties with Lakes 3-3

The Sequoits soccer team battled to a bittersweet ending against rival Lakes.


Johnny Horton

Antioch Boys Soccer Vs. Lakes

Ted Martinek, Tom Tom Staff Writer

A chill had already set across the field as the teams faced each other Sep. 29. The rivals Antioch Community High School and Lakes Community High School were about to face off for their first time this season.

The game began with Antioch taking an immediate lead with sophomores RJ Vasquez and Bart Krumpos scoring against Lakes. Then, Antioch finished the first half with a goal by senior Danny Brito.

The second half of the game did not go as well for the Sequoits. Lakes came out hot with two goals and eventually tied the game with a penalty kick. Antioch, however, could not answer back to take the lead again and ended the game tied 3-3.

With regionals approaching, Coach Marni Polakow said, “We are in the same boat as we were last year. We were 10-5 going into seating, and we are 10-6-1 going into seating. So same schedule, different guys, same results.”

“We are confident that the team will make it past regionals, whoever the other team will be,” senior Mickey West said. “I believe, and my coaches believe, we are the best team this year and could win any game that comes to us.”

This tie against Lakes has unnerved the team, but hopefully they will come back together, play strong and win in the upcoming games.