Antioch Community High School Japan Trip Postponed

The ACHS trip to Japan has been postponed after concerns over the coronavirus.


Izana Nordhaus

39 students are no longer going on the ACHS 2020 Japan trip until either July or December of this year.

The Antioch Community High school 2020 trip to Japan has been in the planning stages since August of 2018. The original plan was to go to Japan over spring break, but due to the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak, the trip has been postponed. On Friday, March 6, ACHS principal Eric Hamilton sent out an email to members of the trip confirming the final decision of postponing the Japan trip. 

“The spread of the virus, the reactions and the recommended actions have caused this decision,” Hamilton said. “The risks associated with the reward of the travel are too high at this time.”

Although this is an unfortunate turn of events, other school trips have also been postponed, such as the Lakes Community High School Iceland trip. Juliette Sheedy, a parent of a student going on the trip to Japan, believes that postponing the trip was the best decision. 

“With the rate and manner in which this very serious virus is spreading, this was a smart decision made for our children,” Sheedy said. “It sadly was very poor timing, but I can respect and am relieved the school took the safest course of action.”

Sophomore Kimberly Cart, who is going on the Japan trip, agrees with Sheedy that postponing the trip to Japan was a good choice, although she is still disappointed. 

“Everyone’s been anticipating [the trip] for so long so it’s a little disheartening that we have to wait,” Cart said. “I’m just really glad that the school has been really cautious about their decisions.”

One of the main downsides of postponing the trip is that Education First Educational Tours, the company that ACHS is travelling with, does not offer refunds. Although there will be no additional costs for students attending the postponed trip, those who are unable to go will be given vouchers. These vouchers are worth the amount of money a student paid to attend the trip to Japan, minus the 95 dollar enrollment fee. Students are allowed to spend this money on all EF products up to September 31, 2021. 

One concern was about what would happen to seniors if the trip is postponed, since ACHS does not allow seniors to travel with the school in summer because they are no longer considered high school students. International travel club advisor Stephen Rose confirmed at a Japan meeting that seniors will still be able to attend the postponed trip. 

Although there are no confirmed dates for when the Japan trip will be rescheduled, parents and students involved in the trip will be given around a week to voice out dates they are available.