Antioch’s Annual Spring Vendor

The United Methodist Church hosted a bake sale and craft fair to create funds for the UMCA preschool.


Beatriz Warnes

Billups sat next to her unique purses as she awaited her customers.

The spring time called for spring cleaning. Many citizens of Antioch took their business to the local church for the fair. Families were able to wander the halls and into the rooms to find handmade items to buy. For the children, there were ceramic painting for six dollars. When walking in, one would receive a raffle ticket that they could put into one of many possible prizes. Some of these included: a gift card to Mr. G’s, cupcakes and jewelry.

Kristin VanBuren of Perfectly Posh sat at a table with her daughter to sell their self care products. She believes that the fair is for a good cause and places such as the one she works for have a great opportunity to gain business. VanBuren has five jobs, one being tupperware. The fair has been around for three years and the first two she spent selling those items.

Each table was different than the one a couple feet next to it. There was not only local businesses because anyone with a knack for crafting was allowed to sell their products.

“This teacher is an art teacher and I donate all my stuff to her,” retired crafter Ruth Billups said. “I sell purses made of jeans, jewelry from Goodwill and I make pictures out of the scrabble letters [and] the 30 dollars goes straight to her school.”

It is 30 dollars to set up a table and a chair for their display. It only took a small amount of money to support a local school. Billups believes it is important to support the fairs that occur in the community. The Annual Spring Vendor is a place to sell pieces that are only found in Antioch. Being unique and creative is what the fair is all about and many believe that should be celebrated.