Antioch’s Offense Prevails over Lakes

Antioch’s offense wasn’t too much for Lakes this past Friday after a win in spectacular fashion for the boys varsity basketball team.



The starters getting ready to be introduced.

This past Friday, the boys’ varsity basketball team trumped Lakes Community High with a final score of 52-38, furthering their record to 8-6, an impressive performance when compared to most recent years.

With a halftime score of 26-13, many of the boys were proud of the lead they were able to amass early on and built off of the energy they had to further the lead by (final lead-halftime lead here) by the time of the final buzzer.

“With the game being against Lakes and everything, it meant a lot to all of us to come out on top,” junior Jared Wolf said. “I think once we had the momentum we carried in the first half we were able to ride it all the way to the end of the game.”

As the season continues on, many of the roles on the team are beginning to fall into place, and this game definitely showed that.

“I think a big part of our win were the plays made by Gavin Eldridge,” freshman Jake Mallek said. “He put the team on his back when we most needed it and I think that’s one of the biggest reasons we secured the win.”

Going into the game Antioch knew their most effective strategy would be to bury Lakes in their offensive prowess. In doing so, Lakes rarely had good chances to make a rush up the court, leading to a much greater amount of time attacking for Antioch.

“One of our heaviest hitters offensively in the past couple of games for us has to have been Kobe Kriese, though,” junior Jackson Gutke said. “He always manages to get the ball to the shooting lane and gives us some of our best opportunities.”

With the big win now behind them, many of the players hope to continue their winning mentality and their current energy into every game for the rest of the season, resulting in the best chance a solid run for the remainder of the season.