Apple Brings Users New Emojis

iOS 9.1 update includes long-awaited Emojis and other bug fixes.

Brittany Bluthardt , Tom Tom Staff

Apple Inc. released the newest iOS 9.1 software update that fixed general technological bugs, as well as adding over 100 entertaining Emojis to the keyboard. Some of these Emojis, requested by Apple users since the last major iPhone/iPad update, are taking the social media world by storm and are popping up in every Tweet, Facebook post and Snapchat picture. Certain emojis, like the burrito or the controversial middle finger, are quickly becoming fan favorites. But, lets not forget about the seemingly unlimited amount of country flags that you will most doubtfully use hiding in the back of the keyboard menu. In the end, the new Emojis are just another fun way to communicate and are not revolutionary for the Apple company. The rest of the update includes stability in certain menus, Live Photos sensory and numerous alterations to stop glitches.

Shockingly, many users of the update are experiencing random bugs and app shutdowns, especially the turn-off of clock alarms over night. Like most updates, Apple has small complications in addition to the multitude of advanced additions to the system. We can only hope more Emojis and cool system updates are to come in the future, but at this point, what else could Apple add?