Apple Watch: Will You Wear It?

The release of the Apple Watch comes with a few questions. Will you wear it, and better yet, will it be allowed?

Images from and edited by Clay Vesser

Clay Vesser, Tom Tom Staff

The highly anticipated iPhone 6 was released Tuesday, Sept. 9, and along with it came a new companion, the Apple Watch. Sleek, brilliant and jam-packed with features, the Apple Watch is something to watch out for.

Oh, wait, isn’t their already at least ten other smart watches on the market?

Brands such as Pebble, Samsung and Sony had smart watches on the market for quite some time now. So why all the hype for the new, yet not-so-new, Apple Watch? Well, it really is hard to say. But if anyone planning to purchase one in early 2015, will have to consider the following two questions. Is it worth it? And will it be allowed?

“As long as it does not disrupt class or allow a student to cheat, then it should be fine,” said Antioch Community High School alumni, Ozan Emsun.

But the Apple Watch is not fine, in the classroom that is. Students can cheat by viewing text messages on the watch with just one quick glance, and can disrupt the class by playing music and calling each other.

High school students are well aware of the rules regarding technology at ACHS. No electronics in the classroom, period. Unless specifically allowed by the instructor for educational purposes. But what about an unsuspecting watch that can send and view messages, photos and even act as a walkie-talkie? A huge educational distraction will be coming to schools nationwide in 2015, and they are going to have to decide how they will deal with it.

And they should also consider how they are going to embrace it. Technology is not going anywhere. Instead, it’s coming at consumers full on. It seems like new electronics are being released every minute, with new phones, tablets, laptops, and gaming devices always being made. Schools are already putting devices such as iPad’s and Chromebook’s into use for educational purposes. So can the Apple Watch be used to improve education as well?

Certainly. But the rules regarding smartwatch use, and the use of other wearable technology, has still yet to be decided.