14,409 People, One Community

The opportunity to help out is just around the corner

14,409 People, One Community

Jordan Staten, Tom Tom Staff

One common idea among high school students is the concept of service. All around the world, but more specifically the Lake County area, service is a concept that many students are striving to prosper in.

The National Honors Society is the nation’s premier organization to recognize outstanding students. A requirement for this organization is to obtain 40 hours of service within two years of being a member. This organization is one that is growing year after year among students at both Antioch Community High School and Lakes Community High School. This group pushes students to do their best in their community, school and social skills. NHS provides many opportunities for students to reach out and help their community, but the real question is do students feel that other than NHS there any other opportunities they have to fulfill service hours in their community?

Service is also a major component to the new Cum Laude program offered in Community High School District 117. If a student wants the distinction, he or she must volunteer their time for over 40 hours by the time of graduation.

A majority of students interviewed about this topic thought that their opportunities for helping out with either nursing homes for the elderly, young children or helping out in hospitals were very limited.

Junior Stephanie Masse said, “No, I do not think that there are a lot of opportunities for students to do any of those options.”

Although some students have yet to find opportunities for themselves, other students have.

Junior Jordan Jacobs said, “I’ve worked with elderly. I did volunteer hours in an elderly home.”

Providing service is not difficult if you know how to find your resources. For those who are not aware of how many opportunities there are around the Antioch area, there are nursing homes located in both the Antioch and Bristol, as well as the various hospitals that are found in Lake County. If someone is seeking out service, talking to Joseph Loffredo, school social worker and NHS sponsor, would be a great start.

Not all service has to be a requirement. Challenge yourself  and the 14, 409 people of Antioch around you to reach out and help your community.