Baseball Swings Into Season

Antioch runs away with their first win of the season.

On Saturday March 17, the boys baseball team played their first game of the season against the Waukegan Bulldogs. The boys came out fast with senior John Petty hitting a lead off single, eventually scoring on a hit from junior Austin Andrews. The Sequoits led by one at the end of the first inning, successfully setting the tone for the rest of the game.

The boys managed to play clean defense in all five innings of the game, making it so the only run the Bulldogs scored was a result of a few walks and a hit. Along with this striking defense, the Sequoits posted a large number of 14 runs against the Bulldogs, with five of them being scored in the second inning and eight of them in the third. This forced the game to end in slaughter rule after five innings. Despite the Bulldogs’ effort to put runners on base and cut the run deficit, strong pitching from seniors Nick Sheren and JR Johnson as well as junior Sawyer Phillips held Waukegan at only one run which was scored in the fourth inning.

“For our first game it went really well,” senior Patrick Day said. “Offensively we had our plans at the plate and on defense we simply made the plays.”

The Bulldogs’ messy defense combined with the Sequoits’ ability to continuously put the ball in play contributed to the large number of runs the boys were able to score and allowed them to win the game 14-1.

The Sequoits play tonight at 4:30 away at Woodstock as they hope to add another to their record.