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Benefits of Bubbl’r

The trend of energy drinks is soaring but Bubbl’r may rise above the rest according to consumers
Elle Ipsen
Bubbl’r offers a variety of flavors. Some of which are cherry guava blend’r, pomegranate acai refresh’r and twisted elix’r.

The new trendy antioxidant energy drink has become popular among students at Antioch Community High School. Bubbl’r has been around since 2017 but is just now rising in popularity. What makes Bubbl’r a better option compared to other trendy energy drinks? Bubbl’r offers natural caffeine and Vitamin A along with no gluten or soy.

Senior Katie Timmer loves that Bubbl’r drinks are low in calories and are a healthier option compared to other energy drinks.

“Bubbl’r is kind of like a sparkling water with more flavor,” Timmer said.

Freshman Miley Volkmar drinks Bubbl’r when she’s feeling tired. Volkmar drinks Bubbl’r because they are a healthier alternative to Celsius, a synthetic energy drink, but can give her the right amount of caffeine to get through the day.

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“They are very good for you and give you natural caffeine,” Volkmar said. “They are good and they are better than most energy drinks.”

The effect of natural caffeine is better for Volkmar and Timmer considering they are healthy athletes here at ACHS. Volkmar and Timmer believe drinking Bubbl’r over a Celsius or any other energy drink ensures them a great well-being.

The trend of energy drinks is skyrocketing. Between the new crazy flavors companies have come out with and fitness trends, energy drinks are one of the most popular dietary supplements teenagers consume. Without reading any of the negative effects, teenagers usually like the appealing looks, causing a large following behind the drinks .

Senior Cristian Romero assumes that part of the reason Bubbl’r is so trendy is because of the colorful branding the can has. He picked up the can for the first time because he had seen many students around ACHS with them and they looked appealing.

“The name Bubbl’r is cool and the cans are pretty colors,” Romero said.

Romero enjoys the flavor of one every so often. He craves the sparkling water taste along with the natural caffeine effect. Romero loves coffee so caffeine is part of his daily routine. Substituting some of his daily coffee intake with Bubbl’r makes him feel energized.

Bubbl’r is an excellent alternative to energy drinks. Bubbl’r is a natural energy drink that does not have negative effects. Even compared to coffee, it has more health benefits. Bubbl’r is very convincing with the packaging, but it lives up to it with the sensational flavor. So next time you are looking for an energy drink, try Bubbl’r.

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Elle Ipsen, Tom Tom Staff
Elle Ipsen is a senior and first year staffer. Ipsen enjoys playing tennis, shopping, going to the gym and walking her dog, Rex. Ipsen is a Bubbl'r and Lululemon fanatic.
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