Benefits of taking a Gap Year


Andrew Medichini

In this photo made with a long exposure, people walk by the Spanish Steps in Rome. This can resemble how life may feel when a gap year is taken, time has the potential to pass by quickly

Taking a year off between high school graduation and the start of college is something that interests many young adults. By the time a student goes through 14 years of schooling, life can be exhausting for some. Having virtually the same daily routine from ages four to 18 can make life drag on and take the fun out of one’s life experiences.

Many benefits come from taking a gap year including academic, social and personal growth. According to “Benefits of Taking a Gap Year Before College,” taking a gap year results in increased self-awareness, more life experience and a greater understanding of career interests or majors.

“Personal enlightenment, skills building, lifelong friendships and an opportunity to explore world cultures through incredible travel; with benefits like these, it’s no wonder the gap year movement is making waves and growing increasingly popular with students all around the world,” Year On Team said.

While gap years can be seen as taking a year off to simply avoid schoolwork, the true meaning behind this year long break is meant to help someone develop their life more than they would while attending college or a university.

“Many picture gap years as a year off of relaxation and aimless wanderlust. However, gap years are actually anything but a vacation. They are a period of proactive travel designed to help students explore academic and career pursuits, gain new experiences, interact with other cultures, increase personal growth and gain deeper insight into achieving their goals.”

While it is not the most popular routine for students, gap years have been common since the 1700’s, but have continued to become more common. They are meant to benefit one’s life skills and create a more successful and doubt free life for a young adult. Taking a gap year allows students to experience adventures that may not be available after attending college and starting their career. They also give people the opportunity to make money before starting their lives away from home.

“I would probably work because I feel like a gap year could allow somebody to get more money so after college they won’t be in so much debt and they can start off their work life with as little debt as possible,” senior Niall Schoenfelder said.

Some students believe it would benefit their college experience while others believe otherwise and think a gap year would impair their knowledge from high school. Although this could be an impact, taking a year off is still an interest to many students.

“It could impact someone’s life by making them forget a lot of the information that they might have learned in school the previous years,” senior Talal Ahmed said. “I would study abroad for a semester just to take a break from school because i think it would be helpful to me when I go back to school.”

Gap years are a growing interest for high school graduates and the main purpose behind them is to prepare a young adult for their future. Many benefits come from gap years and they provide an alternative and less common life experience for many.