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Boys Basketball Comes Back to Defeat the Warhawks

The Sequoits defeated the Warhawks on Tuesday night, giving the Sequoits a win for their senior night..
Alexander Niemi
Senior Kobe Kriese Shoots a 3 expand the lead against North Chicago.

The Antioch Community High School varsity boys basketball team took on the North Chicago Warhawks on Tuesday night. The Sequoits were off to a slow start throughout the first quarter. 


Being down 10 heading into the second quarter, the boys were able to come together and construct a plan before the second quarter was underway. They showed tremendous effort and got off to a hot start in the second quarter.


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“In the first quarter we weren’t playing our best defense and it showed cause they had 20 points,” senior Jared Wolf Said.


The team started to make a comeback and the pieces kept falling into place. The boys made some incredible stops that were a crucial part of the game. They gained more confidence when senior Kobe Kriese started to play extremely well. 


“Kobe turned the game around for us along with the other four on the court,” senior Jackson Gutke said.


Kriese knew that he had to change the pace of the game so that they would not lose on senior night. In the blink of an eye, Kriese was driving the hoop and giving the team some momentum. This gave the team some energy to make the comeback. The Sequoits made some adjustments after the first quarter to adjust to the WarHawk defense. 


“We switched our offense to adjust to the defense that they were playing,” senior Alexander Kutcher said.


Although the team had a rough start at the beginning of the game, they made the adjustments to get the seniors the win on senior night. The seniors that played last night all played extremely well.


After the shaky start, the Sequoits were able to persevere and get the win on their senior night. The final score of the game was 50-40 in favor of the sequoits.

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Alexander Niemi is a senior this year, and this is his first year in tom tom. He plays club hockey and loves to golf and fish. Niemi also enjoys hanging out with friends in his free time.
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