BREAKING: D34 Announces Immediate District Administrative Changes

School Board President announces mutual separation agreement to be voted on at school board meeting Tuesday, November 19.

Community High School District 117 feeder school district Antioch School District 34 released a statement at 7:45 a.m. today via email to parents and staff that Superintendent Jay Marino was placed “on leave from the District since Friday, November 1, 2019.” In the email from Board President Mary Beth Hulting, District 34 will be meeting tomorrow night, Nov. 19, to “vote on a Mutual Separation Agreement with Superintendent Dr. Jay Marino.”

Marino served in this role for five years.

In Hulting’s email, she stated, “I have spoken with Dr. Jim McKay, Superintendent of Community High School District 117, about his willingness to serve as a Temporary Interim Superintendent.” She expressed that District 34 and McKay must get approval from D117’s School Board for this appointment.

More information will be provided as we learn more; a story will be published Wednesday in the print edition of the Tom Tom.