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Kyle Christian

Caroline T. Devience

This junior shares her art style and how she reflects her emotions in her art.

Realism is a form of art where the artist focuses on recreating a situation without any false representation. For instance, creating a sloppy art piece could distort any messages or emotions the art is trying to portray. 

Junior Caroline Devience is a realist artist. She mainly uses pencils to create art pieces in black and white. Devience draws her inspiration from everyday life and also enjoys portraying her emotions into her art pieces. 

“I think the whole point of art is to convey emotions or any messages,” Devience said.

One of the key features of realism art is how the artist maintains the emotions a situation is displaying while recreating it. Although Devience understands that some people have the ability to recognize emotions immediately, she ultimately believes that most have to examine the art deeper to fully comprehend the emotions the artist is trying to portray. 

Devience uses different methods to portray emotions in her art. For example, she directly draws the emotion on a person’s face or manipulates the point of view. Devience frequently displays her own emotions into her drawings. 

“She has been able to express herself in her drawings and it shows her thoughts and emotions,” Devience’s mother Debbie Devience said. 

D. Devience believes that being an artist gives her daughter a different perspective of life. Devience is 

able to see from another’s point of view while she presents emotions into her drawings. Although Devience is a realist artist, she has also experimented with different art styles. This has given her a different perspective on other artists as well. 

“I don’t really like how [abstract art] looks,” Devience said. “But, once I’ve created it, I realize it does have a meaning to it.”

Devience is open to trying any new art styles she hasn’t experimented with before. If she isn’t proud of the art she creates, she uses it as a reminder that practice makes perfect. Devience is currently enrolled in Drawing 1, where she practices her skills everyday.

“Caroline has always had excellent craftsmanship and precision in her work,” art teacher Stefan Pfautz said. “She works very hard and it comes through in her finished pieces.” 

In the future, Devience’s goal is to attend college and have a successful job that she loves going to everyday with or without art. D. Devience believes her daughter would be successful in a career involving graphic design, but she has grown an interest in engineering. Being a realist artist has taught Devience that life is about surrounding yourself with things that you love and give you joy. 

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