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ICYMI: The Value and Advantages of Reading Books

Nicole Peterson, Tom Tom Staff

December 13, 2016

With such busy schedules, people find sitting down and reading a hard task. Trying to find time to read a magazine, newspaper or book stresses some people. In the morning when students sit in the library socializing, they could be looking for a good item to read. Reading brings new light to individuals when they understand the benefi...

ICYMI: The Future is Just a Click Away

Kyle Whitely, Tom Tom Staff

December 13, 2016

For some, the months leading up to college can be the most stressful. They may worry about getting accepted, finding a roommate or even picking a major. However, before all of that, one of the most grueling decisions one needs to make is which college to attend. Some students have their dream school while others are undecided...

ICYMI: Forest Preserves in Lake County

Alexandra Rapp, Tom Tom Staff

December 13, 2016

Forest preserves are a way for public municipalities to protect natural resources and provide residents with a place to enjoy nature. Without these established protection areas many forests and animal habitats would be destroyed. People in our area would need to travel to find areas to hike, fish and enjoy the outdoors. Thes...

New for the I-Magazine: Augmented Reality Integration

New for the I-Magazine: Augmented Reality Integration

December 12, 2016

Hey Sequoits, Our third magazine of the year is coming out tomorrow. Dubbed the "I" magazine, this...

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