Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Antioch Community High School students explain how their families celebrate one of their biggest holidays of the year, St. Patrick’s Day.


Isabelle Hunter

Potatoes are a common Irish food, so it’s normal for them to be eaten on an Irish holiday.

Every year many high school and college students in the Chicagoland area put on their best green outfits and head to downtown Chicago for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Crowds fill the streets, shamrocks fly about and all the eyes seem to see is the color green. It can be argued, however, that St. Patrick’s Day has become Americanized to the point where one may not even recognize the original traditions of St. Patrick’s Day.

One of the most numerous St. Patrick’s Day traditions is the food. As senior Micheal Murray explained, there are special foods that can be eaten for every meal. Some of the food includes rashers, Irish soda bread, Irish brown bread, Irish sausage, corn beef and cabbage.

Sophomore Amber Carson added to the long list of Irish food eaten on St. Patrick’s Day. She mentioned that her family also has green potatoes, Green River and shamrock shakes.

However, traditional food is not the only aspect that is a trademark to a truly Irish St. Patrick’s Day party. The Irish heritage can also be expressed through music. In addition to food, Carson also spends St. Patrick’s Day listening to Irish music. Carson’s family’s favorite artist to listen to on St. Patrick’s Day is Drop Kick Murphy. According to senior Tommy Maloney, sometimes dancing is even thrown into the mix.

Maloney describes his family’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities as upbeat, busy and fun. They have music, dancing and more food than one can eat. Irish families enjoy getting together for big occasions and St. Patrick’s Day may be the perfect opportunity.

“I really like [celebrating this way] because it brings my family together,” Maloney said.

As Murray, Carson and Maloney all explained, the best part of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is spending extra time with friends and family.