Chicago Bears VS Green Bay Packers

The rivalry continues and sparks a higher intensity, even after 91 years.

Alex Ruano, Tom Tom Staff

Two football teams, 207.3 miles away with one goal: win. The Windy City’s very own Chicago Bears against the Green Bay Packers are known to be the greatest rivalry in football history.

Both teams were always and continue to be competitive with one another. Before there was a National Football League, there was the American Professional Football Association (APFA). The Bears where not called “the Bears”, but instead called “the Staleys”. The Packers joined the APFA in 1921 and played the Bears. The Bears were named the Staleys until they merged to Chicago, Illinois and shared the Chicago Cubs stadium. There was not a lot of rivalry in 1921. In following years, however, the Packers’ membership was revoked because their head coach, Lambeau, illegally used college players to play on his team. It didn’t take long until Lambeau was ratted on by Staleys coach, George Halas. This act kicked off the rivalry and ignited the fire.

After the Packers were allowed to play again, the Bears and Packers faced each other in 1923 with a three to zero win by the Bears, also leading to disappointment for the Packers. Today, the teams played each other a total of 189 times. Bears won 93 out of the 189 and Packers won 90. The teams tied six times. The Packers are first in the league with 13 NFL championship titles and Bears are right behind them in second place with nine titles.

Fans from both sides make this rivalry explode with excitement, and take the rivalry to heart. With the teams being so close together, it is common to have Bears and Packers fans living right next to each other, even in the same house. When these two teams clash, fans treat it like the Super Bowl. Fans from each side will cheer on their team through rise or fall, win or lose.

The biggest rivalry in NFL history is still going strong after 91 years as players and fans from Chicago and Green Bay look forward to crossing paths yet again.