Christmas gift-giving guide

It can be a struggle to come up with meaningful gifts every year. With Christmas right around the corner, a gift guide is essential to buying the perfect present to put under the tree.


Beth Kamman

The perfect gift idea on its way to be delivered.

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. People go from store to store trying to find the perfect gift. Buying for teenagers especially can be a real chore, because there are so many options. There are a few categories, however, that teenagers gravitate toward when it comes to making a Christmas wish list.

Activity and sports gear

Many students are involved in a sport or activity. Chances are, they hope to receive bigger and better supplies that can help improve their craft.

“I would like to get a new guitar because one of [my current guitar] strings broke,” junior Brett Brose said. 

Junior Samuel Edwards hopes to receive new hunting gear, while senior Samantha Bradley wants art supplies.

Buying for someone based on interest is a good way to go because it is personalized and meaningful to them. 

Room decor

Students spend a good amount of downtime in their room, often because it is one of the only spaces they can call their own. 

After redoing her room, sophomore Natalyn Ourada wants a new duvet cover set for her bed. 

Sophomore Jordyn Evans finds wall decor to be a nice way to spruce up a room.

“[I would give someone] LED lights or fairy lights,” Evans said.

For herself, she would like to receive a tapestry for her wall.


Technology is a popular want among people of all ages. New devices come out every year with better graphics, more features or more efficient use. 

Junior Damien Thiel wants to get the new Xbox Series X for Christmas this year because he has not had the opportunity to buy one himself. 

Junior Adrian Marinov wants a new gaming console as well.

“We can’t really go out, so I feel like a Nintendo Switch would be appropriate,” Marinov said. “Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros and Animal Crossing [are the games I want to get].”

Other than video games, incoming college freshmen often need electronics to help them complete their coursework.

“A new laptop would be really nice and helpful,” senior Sloan Townsend said.

Clothing and accessories

Fashion is a large part of how students express themselves, making clothing and accessories a great gift.

“I want lots of hoodies and skirts,” Bradley said. “I like the brands Earthbound and Old Navy.” 

With winters in Antioch being rather cold, some students want accessories to help keep them warm.

Sophomore Kennedie Tan wants to buy socks for Christmas. Socks are an affordable option, coming in many colors and patterns. 

“I want these Uggs slippers for Christmas,” senior Regan Conway said. “I think they are very cute.”

Gifts from the heart

Some students felt non-materialistic gifts were the most meaningful to them. Senior Melanie Ayon believes that not all gifts need to be wrapped in paper with a shiny bow on top.

“Helping out my mom with whatever she needs [is the best gift to give],” Ayon said. 

Senior Jacob Moisa has a busy schedule and spends most of his time playing sports, so he wants Christmas to be a time to step back and spend time with people who mean the most to him.

“More quality time with family is something I want to get,” Moisa said.

While coming up with gift ideas can be a difficult task, but breaking it down into different categories can be helpful. There is no shame in asking. Getting ideas directly from the person that is being bought for can help narrow the options down. If all else fails, gift cards hold the key to anyone’s heart.