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Clubs at Large

The clubs at ACHS impact the lives of the students involved in them and the community around them.

October 29, 2019

Olivia Gerhardt
Marcella Rivera, president of the environmental club, was discussing future club events pertaining to the community of Antioch.
Olivia Gerhardt
The Environmental club gathers for a group picture with their sign to show what their club is about.
Olivia Gerhardt
The Model UN was making food for a bake sale to raise money for the club and to get support from the community.

In the 2018-2019 school year, 75.1 percent of students at Antioch Community High School were involved in the different clubs the school has to offer. Some of the clubs students impact the community and the lives of students at ACHS.

Sequoit Sidekicks is a club that helps students at ACHS make friends. They meet once a month and participate in different fun activities with everyone apart of the club included; like going to the movies, the corn maze and to watch plays.

 “I think the town whose groups who have worked with us have been open to seeing that there are other students outside of the school who maybe need a little more support, and need a little more attention,” Sequoit Sidekick co-sponsor Jamie Atkinson said. 

As the Sequoit Sidekicks shine a positive light on Antioch, the Environmental club allows students to share their passion with the community. The Environmental club interacts with the environment and spreads awareness on sustainability. The club used to participate in an Earth Day Fair, but at the moment their main focus is on recycling and ensuring waste doesn’t go into landfills. 

“We’re able to make a positive impact on our local businesses who maybe look at teenagers in a negative light, they can see us as a positive beacon,” Environmental club sponsor Stephen Rose said. “I like the idea that in school, we sometimes go around and collect recycle bins and stuff like that after school and we’ll go through them; we find an awful lot of garbage that’s put into them.”

While the Environmental club spreads awareness on saving the environment and allowing students to bond over a common interest, Model United Nations allows students to share their knowledge with the community on world issues and let them share their interest in debate.

“[Model UN] benefits the town because we have students that are well aware of issues that are happening in the world,” Model UN sponsor Meghan McDonnell said. 

Model UN gives students the opportunity to share their knowledge on world issues with other students who are well informed on them. This club emphasized the ability to manifest the argumentive skills by challenging them to debate consistently.

ACHS has many clubs to offer that have positive impacts on Antioch as a community by helping the environment and shaping different lives for the students partaking in the clubs and the community that surrounds them.

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