COVID-19 Concerts in 2021

Concert goers have high hopes looking into the 2021 festival season.


Olivia Gerhardt

Many concerts around Antioch, Illinois are trying to decide whether or not having a concert with a large gathering of people is a reasonable idea. Some concerts remain unaffected and scheduled to happen regularly. Others have decided to move the event later in the year, in the hopes that there will be less restrictions when the time comes.

During 2020, events like concerts were not allowed to continue due to the pandemic. After many months of events shutting down and getting a better understanding of COVID-19, many businesses have been able to reopen, which may raise the chance of concerts continuing for the year of 2021.


Through the pandemic, many musicians, such as Dua Lipa, performed in virtual concerts. Although they had many participants, some were still not satisfied with it since it did not give the same effect as a live show. Other musicians had also already rescheduled their cancelled concerts to resume in the year 2021; Billboard compiled a list of concerts that are planning to go on.


According to American entertainment media brand “Billboard,” concerts and music festivals might be one of the last things to return in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, but live event organizers already have plans to hit the road in 2021 because, as they say in showbiz, the show must go on.


Some people may be planning on going to certain music festivals who have announced that they are going to continue this year. 


“I might be going to Country Thunder,” junior Hailey Menzies said. “I’m not sure what to expect if I end up going.”


With the risk of the large crowds and spreading of the virus, many people are trying to find ways to keep everyone safe during the event, possibly through social distancing, which may be difficult to do with indoor concerts.


According to Huffpost, Dr. Sachin Nagrani, a physician and medical director of telemedicine, said that the possibility of outdoor events returning will be sooner since there will be a lower risk of transmitting the virus since being outdoors will allow people to social distance easier, there is ventilation and the sunlight will sanitize the outdoor area.


Some may be uneasy about the virus and the possible contamination of the participants, but may still think it would be a good idea for them to continue with certain precautions.


“I am slightly concerned with COVID and concerts,” junior Addie Narlock said. “I don’t think it’s dangerous if the concerts are limited to a certain amount of fans.”


Though there are many worries about concerts continuing through the pandemic, it seems like there may be precautions taken to ensure the safety of the listeners who choose to go to the live shows.