Crunch Time for the Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are fighting hard in a tight playoff race.


With playoffs right around the corner, the Chicgao Bulls have stepped up their game winning five of their last six games. They beat one of the league’s best teams, the Cavaliers, by six. Nikola Mirotic led the charge with 28 points on six three-point shots, and Rajon Rondo had 15 assists.

All-Star starter Jimmy Butler has scored 25 points in four out of the last five games. He and veteran Dwyane Wade have been stepping up their game with the season coming to a close. The Bulls are now the seventh seed in the tight playoff race in the Eastern Conference. Senior Anthony Galante is hopeful for the future of the Bulls and can see the team going far in the playoffs.

“With the team surging like they are now, I do not see how they can be stopped, both in the regular season and in the playoffs,” Galante said.