D34 Board Meeting Ends with Agreement

Major points included timelines and the now-former District 34 Superintendent.

D34 Board Meeting Ends with Agreement

Following his official separation from Antioch School District 34 as a result of last night’s board meeting, now-former D34 Superintendent Jay Marino will no longer serve as Community High School District 117’s feeder district’s lead administrative role.

Mary Beth Hulting, D34 School Board President, shared that the mutual separation agreement with Marino is now final and that the board is hoping to interview interim superintendents in the next two weeks. The interim will fill that role until June 30.

As reported Monday, D117 Superintendent Jim McKay discussed filling the role interim role in a temporary capacity to assist with business items that require a superintendent’s signature and participation. The appointment still needs to be approved by the D117 School Board.

The Community High School District 117 school board will host their next meeting tonight, Nov. 20, at 6:30 p.m. at Lakes Community High School in their Information Learning Center. The agenda includes honoring the two most recent state champions in D117, Lakes’ tennis player Sarah Hauser and Antioch cross country runner Charlie Smith. The agenda also states the following:


a. Approve Memo of Understanding Exhibit XIX

b. Approve Superintendent to Serve Simultaneously with Antioch Consolidated School District 34 until an Interim Superintendent can be hired”

This personnel discussion is regarding McKay’s appointment to D34 and will occur following closed session at the meeting.

As more information is released, we will continue to update our community. Upon announcement of an interim superintendent and superintendent of sister-district D34, SequoitMedia.com will be sure to update.