D34 in Search of New Leadership

Community High School District 117 feeder school district Antioch School District 34 announced Monday that Superintendent Jay Marino has been “on leave from the District since Friday, November 1, 2019.”

The email, written by District 34 School Board President Mary Beth Hulting, expressed that Superintendent of Community High School District 117 Jim McKay is willing to serve as a Temporary Interim Superintendent. She explained that McKay must receive approval from both District 34 and District 117 School Boards for this appointment.

At this time, there is no clear timeframe on how long McKay would potentially fill the temporary interim position; he believes it will last a few weeks, while the full interim position itself could last until the end of the 2019-2020 school year. District 117 School Board member Bart Winkler discussed McKay’s possible responsibilities.

 “[His responsibilities] would develop as needed from the school, as there would be no direct management [from his temporary interim position],” Winkler said. “Regardless of his possible appointment with D34, McKay’s main responsibility would still remain with District 117.”

Although it is believed the second and final decision will be made at the District 117 Board meeting on November 20, District 117 leaders are confident in McKay’s skills as a leader for the feeder district.

“I have known and worked with Dr. McKay since he was a science teacher in D117,” Lakes English teacher and District 117 Union President Bryan Plinske said. “Dr. McKay has always had the students’ best interests at heart, and I believe he will do a stellar job.  He has the experience to help D34 navigate what must be a difficult time.  I have no doubt that he will be able to handle the rigors of both positions seamlessly. … I think it is fantastic that two school districts are working together for the greater good.”

More information will be provided as decisions are made. Updates from last night’s District 34 board meeting, tonight’s D117 board meeting and future information regarding changes can be found on Sequoitmedia.com.