Emily Higgins

Senior Tiana Fox pushes herself everyday to achieve the goals her teammates and teachers bestow upon her. By striving to be the best she can be, Fox constantly grows in her skills. “To me, being a Sequoit means trying new things and giving everything your all,” Fox said.


Tiana Fox, a senior cross country runner at ACHS, believes that being a sequoit means being determined. 

“Being a sequoit means trying new things and giving everything your all,” Fox said.

Fox is always looking for new goals and stops at nothing to achieve them. One goal she is currently working towards is completing a three mile race in twenty minutes for cross country. 

“I constantly search for new goals,” Fox said. “If you’re always looking for something to obtain, like a new goal every day or every month, you always have something to work for and you know you need to take steps to get there.” 

It’s important for sequoits to set goals for themselves to help create a path for their future.

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