Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

Bigfoot and The Lochness Monster are myths to some people, but love at first sight is the biggest myth to those in high school.

Jessica Guzman, Tom Tom Staff

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High school love: it’s in movies, television shows and even in the halls of Antioch Community High School. It is everywhere. The real question is, did these couples fall in love at first sight?

Love at first sight is stereotyped as finding that person, the one person you are destined to be with. In high school, love at first sight might just be mistaken for attraction. How is it humanly possible for one person to fall in love just by what they look like?

Junior, Benjamin Dahms said, “It is only attraction at first sight.” Which is a common opinion, but this attraction can easily turn into love over time. Mrs. Stewart, ILC Secretary, said, “Within a short amount of time, you can tell whether that attraction can turn into something deeper.”

Stewart is a prime example of this. Her husband, whom she met in high school, liked her at first sight when their eyes met across the room at homecoming many years ago. She constantly brings up the respect held between each other, and the simple kindness he showed went a long way, “it’s almost like he treated me like a fine piece of china.”

“I definitely believe you can fall in love in high school, because I did,” said Stewart. By keeping respect in the relationship, it changes the “like” into love.

Whether it’s being “in like” with someone when you first see them, or falling in love with someone over time, love is real. It comes in many different forms when you first see them, but love is in the air, so take it all in.