Doors vs. wheels

The debate among teens that took over the world of social media.


This particular TikTok trend started to go viral out of the blue. Discussions have gone on for hours about if there are more doors or wheels in the world. Some say it is doors, while others say it is wheels. 

Users of different social media apps have been discussing the argument, making the trend more popular. In an Instagram poll of 85 predominantly ACHS students, there existed a clear decision on which there is more of; 70 students voted for wheels while only 15 students voted for doors. It seems from the poll that more people think there are more wheels in the world. This trending topic has ACHS students debating about which side is right. 

I am on side wheels, I chose wheels over doors because more are manufactured,” junior Cambell Lazarz said. “I first learned about the debate on TikTok, and then I just started seeing more and more TikTok about it.”

There are an estimated three billion wheels that are produced in the world for cars, toys, bikes, etc. Many use the argument of: take a look around the room and see how many wheels there are. Junior Keith Hill believes when there is one door, there are always more wheels in the room. When entering a room, he estimates four wheels per room with one door. 

A car has four doors along with the four wheels, but what about the spare wheel, the steering wheel and even the engine,” freshman Teddi Wetu said.

Other students believe that there are more doors in the world than wheels. There are an estimated 288.6 million doors that are produced for cars, doors, etc. Some have a different viewpoint as to why they side with doors. 

I chose doors because I feel people who chose wheels didn’t care or [chose] it because everyone else said wheels,” junior Anthony Ascencion said. “#TeamDoor.”

Meanwhile, the reason why other people chose doors is not simply to go along with the crowd of influence, but because of their interpretation of what a door is.

“Obviously, I am on the side of doors, it is super simple, windows open, those are doors,” junior Justin Pederson said. “Any window that can be opened up, weather permitting, of course, is a door.”

Which turns into the argument of what is considered a wheel and what is considered a door. Everyone has their own view of what counts as a door or as a wheel. As this debate continues on, there is no real way of knowing which has more in the world without counting each wheel and door. However, what really matters is; which team/side is the overall winner.