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The student news site of Antioch Community High School.

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The student news site of Antioch Community High School.

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Sofia Tinker
Sofia Tinker
Reporting Manager

Sofia Tinker is a senior; this is her fourth year on staff and second year on the executive board. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends, go shopping and get Starbucks. Tinker is very...

Editors Note: Dignity is at the Center of our Mission, Identity

This year, the Tom Tom staff looks to make stronger partnerships within all of Sequoit Media, strengthen our sports programming and add a new publication to give the arts a platform to be celebrated and talked about. This year, our goal is to be better and stronger.
Ryan Komers

Life forces us to think, to adapt and to always move forward. Life brings us sadness, happiness and anger. Life takes us to triumphs and glories; life brings us through defeats and sorrows. Life is a spectrum, an array of feelings, experiences and changes. It’s about how you stay modest at your highest highs and how you stay hopeful in your lowest lows. It’s about never having regrets but still taking the time to say you’re sorry. So when it came time for us to create a magazine about life and human dignity, we realized this was our chance to not only show the good times of life, but also to reveal the darker sides of what shapes people’s lives. It was our chance to say sorry for not always covering everyone, despite it being our mission to do so. It is our chance to start fresh and new with change and strength at the center of our renewed identity.

As a staff, we’ve gone through recent struggles, but we’re pushing hard to be better than we were before. Although we do see the value in sticking to our roots, we’ve decided this year to start from scratch. Everything we do this year is in an effort to redefine ourselves and rethink what Sequoit Media can be. For example, staffers Jake Ilkka and Walker Winkler created a multimedia display of Gordon Ramsay’s affect in the community, complete with a Tom Tom Tries video of them attempting to create a few of his signature recipes. On top of that, we’re making an effort to partner more with Sequoit Broadcast Network, as well as continue our success with our sports program, The Arrow. Another exciting addition to our ever-expanding roster of publications is the upcoming Feather, an arts and culture magazine that will be released later this semester. We’re doing all of this in an effort to reach more people and continue to celebrate Sequoits past, present and future.

In this magazine you’ll see many themes represented. On the lighter side we have things like an exploration of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and tips to maximize themed Friday Night Light outfits; try to help discover what it means to be a part of ACHS in staff member Taylor Mueller’s “Defining A Sequoit”; and highlight some students for excelling in math in Content Editor Julia Hackeloer’s “One Step Ahead of the Calculator.”

However, on the darker side of things we discuss recent natural disasters’ impact, explore what it’s like to lose your dignity, show how stereotypes affect people in Content Editor Bridget Nauman’s “How People Let Labels Define Them,” and explore how many people sacrifice things just to be accepted in Sports Content Editor Rilee Schreiner’s “Popularity.” This is just a glimpse into what this magazine and this year have to o er.

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As always, thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy.

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Merrick Foote, Editor-In-Chief
Merrick Foote is a senior and this is his third year on staff. He is the Editor-in-Chief. His favorite quote is: "If you never admit you're wrong, you're never wrong."
Ryan Komers, Staple Specialist
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