EDITOR’S NOTE: Two Sides to Every Story

Looking at the truth means investigating how in each person there are many opportunities, points of view, voices and perspectives. For me, it meant looking at two very different worlds that together make me who I am.

A Sequoit is not truly one, but two.

People don’t usually see both sides to every person, instead they can distinctly point out one of the two sides. It can be easy to make judgments when only one side to a story is visible, but the truth is so much easier to see when the other side is revealed. In this issue, themed in honor of Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, members of the community reveal both sides to their lives. The honesty portrayed in the pages of this magazine is inspiring; so much so that I knew it was also important for me to examine my two sides: the editor-in-chief and the football player.

The two sides to my story consist of the jock and the editor-in-chief for the school magazine. Both sides define who I am. I’m either looked at as the varsity football player or the editor-in-chief; it never seems to be both. It wasn’t until I took a trip to Denver for the National Scholastic Press Association’s annual spring journalism conference that I saw how different these parts of me really are. As I walked around to different sessions, looking at the variety of journalists surrounding me, I realized that not many of them were like me. Everyone seemed to be like each other, while I seemed to be the odd one out. I was never used to being the one that was different; I’m the one that usually “fits in.”

When I first came to high school I knew exactly what I wanted to be: a jock. I wanted to be part of the football team that everyone went to watch on a Friday night under the lights and I didn’t ever think I was going to do anymore than that. I never expected that I would be part of the school newspaper staff, let alone becoming the editor-in-chief of the Tom Tom. I’ve spent the remainder of my high school career living in both worlds: football and journalism. For me, I’ve been able to better understand myself because of the experiences I’ve had with both. My time in Denver just helped me realize that if I would have stayed content with the world I was most comfortable in, football, I may have never appreciated the part of me I’ve learned to know and love: journalism. And for that I am forever grateful to be a part of such a significant community, one that respects and honors both parts of me.

With the recent tragedies that have occurred in and around Antioch, I am happy and proud to say I am member of this community. It is so touching to see how many people came together from this to pay respects to those who have fallen and given support to those who are in need. I am proud to say I am a Sequoit.

What you will find in this issue is an opportunity to see others as you may not have seen them before. In our features, we examined a variety of pairs: war and peace, life and death, close and far, and beyond. Each feature in the 15-page section closely examines the two sides to a person, which drove the theme of “Jekyll and Hyde” in this magazine. Additionally, you’ll see a familiar addition: a what it feels like story. Given the success of that magazine last February, we decided that we would add one of these types of stories to every magazine. You will also see some other new additions: full-page snapshot photos into the lives of the Sequoits, a fashion spread, shorter news and sports sections, and a variety of alternative story forms. Finally, I can announce the addition of more magazines to the Tom Tom this year, which will include three sports magazines. The first of which will come out in October.

I am excited to have this community get a glimpse into “Jekyll and Hyde,” and I cannot wait to share with you what this incredible staff comes up with this year.