Expanding Creativity in Students at ACHS

Makerspace offers students an alternative to study hall and an innovative space to work.


Gabrielle Debevec

The Makerspace provides an abundance of activities for students to create. “Kids can work on things they want to work on,” ILC Director Barbra Mason said. The space allows students to have access to most of the equipment used in the Makerspace.

The Makerspace at Antioch Community High School is a creative space that allows students to take time away from their school day to produce art. This year, students have been attending the Makerspace more frequently than in years past due to the growing popularity. Recently, the Makerspace gained technologies to help expand the amount of activities the ACHS students are offered. 

“We just got the cricut maker this year,” Information Learning Center Director Barbara Mason said. “We used it for decorating the chromebooks. A lot of freshmen came because they hadn’t decorated their chromebooks, so we made stickers with the cricut maker.” 

The Makerspace has a lot to offer students to satisfy their creative needs. According to the Makerspace home page, students can sew, paint, draw, design, create and complete many other innovative activities. The Makerspace attracts more students this year due to the abundance of supplies that are available for students to use.

“Going into our fifth year, we have a ton of supplies,” Mason said. “We have four sewing machines. We also have jewelry making, which is extremely popular, especially the friendship bracelets. On top of that, a lot of kids like to use the canvases and paint.” 

The Makerspace is a place where students are able to relax and chat with friends while being productive and creating masterpieces. This is a unique opportunity offered to students that is different from what goes on in everyday classes. It gives students the option to take a break from overworking their brains. 

“My study hall class is very boring and we’re not allowed to talk at all, but in the makerspace we are,” freshman Mollie Tubbs said. “ The Makerspace is nice because it lets me talk and hang out with my friends.” 

The Makerspace has evolved over the years. It is a more relaxing and innovative work environment, a popular space for students to hang out and an attractive alternative to completing schoolwork.