Fall Fashion Choices Express Autumn Color

Pumpkin carving, apple cider, corn mazes, haunted houses, bonfires and football take over the fall season. The amount of activities one could accomplish during autumn are endless now that autumn is here. With so much productivity, it almost seems essential to look as great, polished, and comfortable as possible at all the outings. Although, there is always that lack of confidence when it comes down to knowing what’s in and what’s not this season. Perhaps it is best to know, the most courageous act is to think for yourself, aloud. Perfecting your individual style for the fall season is fun. Fashion fades, style is what stays forever.

Go ahead, fold away those cute tribal patterned shorts, that coral colored crop top and those sandals. It’s about time to pull out the warm over sized sweaters, long sleeve flannels, combat boots and jeans. Pairing each article of clothing together says something about your individual style, but sometimes it feels nearly impractical to decide what colors, jewelry or shoes go with your other items of clothing.

Sophomore Madison Paddock said, “Fall is my favorite season for fashion because the weather is perfect for wearing lots of layers, scarves and boots but it’s not too cold where you have to worry about being cold in what you wear. You really have so many options of what to wear in the fall.”

Even though fall fashion means dressing for a change in weather, it also means finding different items to mix and match.

Sophomore Kennedy Hettlinger said, “The unique thing about fall fashion is that it’s the only season you can mix and match articles of clothing from say winter or summer and get away with it. I love fall fashion because there is always something different out there for every occasion! Don’t be intimidated by crazy styles because there are tons out there! Find the style that fits you and rock it!”

Fall colors traditionally emphasize browns, oranges and dark greens, but this season expect a little more color to show through the darker, nature-like tones.

“This fall I have seen lots of brightly colored and patterned jeans and leggings, especially floral print. I have also seen a lot of animal printed clothing and shoes, like leopard and cheetah. Boots are always popular during the fall but this fall I have seen tons of combat boots. I have also seen vintage styled clothing; camo, neon and studs get popular lately.” said Paddock.

The unique thing about the season’s fashion is that it’s just the perfect time to expand your options as to how to style different outfits. The clothing is all down, but nobody can go wrong with accessories to really amp up each outfit.

Sophomore Morgan Price said, “I can’t leave the house without a necklace. Chunky necklaces are always a go to. They make a big statement!”

Hettlinger said, “Chunky jewelry is always your best bet to spice up any outfit. The truth is a little goes a long way, but when you add a little of these accessories with the right patterns you will have a masterpiece.”

Fashion is not just for girls. It is hard to say goodbye to the sun kissed skin, the beaches, catching lightning bugs, collecting sea shells by the sea shore and the vibrant colored shorts and tank tops. Now that the boys have to store their summer tanks and swim trunks, they get to show off their well-put classy fall style; bold without being flamboyant, comfortable while still figure-flattering. Burgundy, cuffed pants, plaid, and believe it or not, statement scarves have made it big this fall season.

Junior Gavin Street said, “I have seen a lot of guys wearing sweaters and long-sleeve shirts. I think that fall fashion really gives people opportunities to have a much wider spread-variety of fashions or clothes to wear because it isn’t too cold while it isn’t too hot either.”

“The unique thing about fall fashion is the contrast between warm clothing and clothing for summer, if that makes any sense. What I mean I guess is how the switch from summer styles and clothes is made to warmer materials,” said junior, Matt Stiglic.

Just like girls, there is always a common trend for boys. Typically in the summer time they prefer their cali-inspired tanks to go along with the slogan, “Sun’s out, guns out”. Although, something that is really trending this season is button-up collared shirts and boat shoes.

“I think this became popular because girls like it when guys look nice and people take notice to small things such as how you look,” said Stiglic.

Street said, “ I believe that these trends have become so popular because a lot of the new fashion that are advertised and trends have been set become very popular in the teen eye so we strive to meet that fashion standard.”

Making the popular fashion your own is up to you. Experiment a lot, especially with embroidery. A bit of advice regarding the current fashion trends from all five fashion experts is that everybody should always stick to their own personal style. Don’t always go with the trends because it’s a special thing to be original and dress differently from others. So to all the fashion lovers of ACHS, have fun with all the festive activities this fall and your style.