Fashion Comebacks of 2015

“Old” fashion trends are renewing season after season.

Kennedy Hettlinger, Tom Tom Staff

From Doc Martens to scrunchies, high schoolers are slowly bringing back trends from decades past.

English teacher Kelly Taylor went to high school in the late 90s when those styles were well-known. Many thought these trends would become fads and their popularity would never resurface, but Taylor said she wants to see the scrunchie make a comeback.

“The scrunchie really is a multifaceted accessory; it is gentle on the hair, coordinates with your outfit and functions as a bracelet,” Taylor said.

Senior and fashionista Ragen Griffin often wears the dated clothing items associated with Taylor’s high school days, not worrying too much about which time period her clothing resembles.

“I know what looks good together and follow trends in my own way,” Griffin said.

 Looking to the future, Griffin anticipates bell bottom pants and flowy shirts coming back in style. Another trend Griffin favors is already making its mark on high school students: the flannel shirt. The flannel can be used to dress up a pair of leggings or dress down formal wear.

Fashion comebacks happen more than thought. Many clothing trends seen every day date back earlier than the 60s, 70s and 80s. It’s hard to believe, but styles known today as ‘boho-chic’ were inspired by the bohemian look started in the 20th century. With all this history, up-to-date fashion go-getters can’t predict what will pop back up this fall or winter season. Soon enough, it could be those metallic, skin-tight pants that high schoolers wore to class in the 80s.