From the Field To the Sidelines

Whether they are sitting on the sidelines or competing against other schools, the Marching Sequoits never fail to bring the energy.


Charlotte Bongratz

The ACHS North Gym is where basketball games take place

For a few nights every week, many sounds can be heard from the ACHS gym: buzzers, cheering, shoes screeching and music. The school’s pep band attends varsity basketball games and plays anything from classic rock to “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz in order to keep the room energetic.

Unlike competitions, the band is not required to wear uniforms when playing for basketball games. Students are allowed to play in the clothes they wore to school that day to promote a more relaxed environment. In addition, songs are mostly played between quarters and during time outs. This way, band members can talk to their friends and enjoy the game. Senior trumpet player Barton Krumpos even temporarily switched places with spectator and fellow senior Jeffrey Horton, who took control of the trumpet.

“Anytime the crowd is singing along or reacting to the song, that always makes it more fun,” ACHS band director Jonathan Untch said. “If you know people are enjoying it, that makes it worth it. If a player on the court ever notices or seems to be into it, we’re there to serve them too.”

Participating in something like pep band would be meaningless if nobody had fun while the band was playing. It also helps that band members get a full season of preparation for playing during games.

“[Playing at basketball games] is similar to football games,” freshman Simon Hasik said. “But at a concert, it’s different because [people] are going there to see you, so they usually tend to pay more attention. But at football and basketball games, they’re [more] focused on the sport that’s going on.”

Whether it be marching competitions, football games or basketball games, the ACHS band knows how to keep energy flowing.