Get To Know: Kathryn Konior

Coming from multiple districts that didn’t meet her standards intellectually, Kathryn Konior finds her place in the halls of Antioch Community High School.


Beatriz Warnes

Kathryn Konior teaches her sixth hour modern literature class.

Kathryn Konior has just arrived at Antioch Community High School as a new English teacher. Konior explained why she wanted to start teaching English in the first place.

“I’ve always been gravitated to any form of art, and writing is art,” Konior said.

Konior has previously worked at many different districts, but she said that Antioch was perfect for her. Konior pictures the stereotypical classroom as one where the teacher lectures the kids, relaying the same kind of information repetitively. Konior has made it her mission to go against that. It is important to her not to stay stagnant in her field. As a teacher, Konior impacts the lives of her students consistently, as they impact her.

“I’m very much about making the classroom a two-way learning street,” Konior said. “I want to be learning from the students too.”

Both the students and the teachers were a perfect fit for Konior, making the transition into “exemplary” ACHS all the more easier.