Get To Know: The Latte Cafe and Bakery

Anna Rosberg and Shannon Rosberg talk about how it is being the owners of The Latte Cafe and Bakery.


Alexis Barbosa

Coffee lover and enthusiast Olivia Lahti stands by the iconic Latte Cafe and Bakery sign in Antioch, Ill.

Standing tall in a 150-year old building, The Latte Cafe and Bakery brews up drinks for everyone in Antioch. Owners Anna Rosberg and Shannon Rosberg have had the cafe in their name for nearly two years and have tried to make it as welcoming as possible.

“All of our customers [are] just like family,” Anna Rosberg said. “We learn everybody’s life story.”

They use their locality as a way for the community to feel a part of the cafe. Being a non-chain business, they can do things the way they want to, which includes the menu that Rosberg both makes and bakes from scratch.

The town of Antioch is very significant to the two because both of them grew up in Antioch, and both are Antioch Community High School alumnas.

“I love the location; it has a lot of history,” Shannon Rosberg said. “A lot of people in Antioch know it. It’s a busy corner, which is all positives.”