Getting Involved in the Sequoit Spirit Way

November 14, 2019

School spirit can be one of the best ways for students to create everlasting memories and have the best four years of their life. Participating in school events can not only make students’ personal highschool experiences more exciting, but it makes the environment as a whole more lively. There are many ways students can get involved at Antioch Community High School. There are over 20 clubs and activities available to participate in, and 24 sports to participate in. 

“I have always heard that high school is the best four years of your life,” sophomore Hadde Luebke said. “By participating and having school spirit, I feel like that statement could not be more true.”

Whether one goes to Friday night football games and dresses up for the theme of the week, or participates in any club or activity, there is always a way to maximize one’s high school experience. 

“If I could give any advice to people that aren’t involved, it would have to be to just go crazy and have fun when going to games or events,” junior Desirée DuPont said. “Put on some face paint, or dress according to the themes.”

Most say that in the blink of an eye, high school will come to an end. In the four years a student is given, some claim they have to create as many memories as they can.

“I want to be involved as much as possible for my senior year,” senior Daniel McPherson said. “When this year is over, I will look back and want to remember all the memories I created.”

Many people state that high school is the time for students to find their purpose, create everlasting memories, and have experiences of a lifetime. Some would say a student needs to get involved in as many activities and sports as they can, because their time as a Sequoit will be over before they know it. An added benefit is that statistics prove that the more one is involved in, the higher their GPA. Having school spirit, getting involved, and having Sequoit Pride is the best way to create memories of a lifetime in highschool.

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